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Patient Reviews

"Words don't express how grateful I am to have you as my Doc!!  You are amazing with kids!  I owe you!"




"My husbands face was all swollen on one side and was in a lot of pain...from a tooth... and I had a hard time finding an emergency dentist.  After Dr. Hirschi took the time to see my husband on his day off we got it all figured out. He is AMAZING!  Seriously thank you so much!"



"Thank you for accurately diagnosing my sinus infection and prescribing a 3-Pack for me!  I sincerely appreciate you taking the extra time to check my symptoms and find out how to best treat my situation."



"Dr. Hirschi  thank you so much for your kindness of my last visit.  It was very nice meeting you!"



"Dr. Hirschi you are the best ever!  My teeth feel wonderful!"


"Dr. Hirschi has proven to be a fantastic dentist for our family.  His soft-spoken, gentle mannerisms invite confidence and calm in the face of what is not usually considered a pleasant experience.  He does quality work and we havebeen so pleased with our experiences in his office.  His staff are delightful besides.  We highly recommend him!"  

David Steeples 

"Dr. Hirschi was so nice and personable.  He took the time to ask about me and talk about things I enjoyed and shared back about himself.  It was great he would take that time on my first visit.  I was really impressed and will definitely go back."

Patty Egbert

Dr. Naylor took out my wisdom teeth and it was a great experience.  The process was smooth and I was very comfortable."

Jayda Maw

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