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We offer Dental Crowns at our Family Dental Clinic in Preston Idaho

Dental Crown

Has a tooth had a root canal, multiple or large dental fillings, or you think it is ugly?  A dental crown or veneer may be right for you.  Some crowns can be done the same day in our office here in Preston Idaho with our new CAD/CAM technology (a machine that will measure the area and make a crown right then).  The placement of crowns can be pain free.  We take time following the placement of your dental crown to make sure your bite is still perfect and it looks perfect cosmetically as well.  


We also do dental crown removal in Preston Idaho for those crowns that need to be redone.  Some people may find their gold crowns not cosmetically appealing to them.  Whatever the reason might be call us today so we can help you get a smile that you are proud of.  

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