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We Offer FREE Teeth Whitening Service in Preston Idaho 

(Read below for more information)

Teeth Whitening 

We offer FREE teeth whitening gel service in Preston Idaho when you regularly go to your 6 month teeth cleaning appointment with our dental hygienist.  You will need to buy your whitening trays, they are $65. 


What are the different ways you can get teeth whitening services in Preston?  You can get trays to fit your mouth with whitening gel.  If your mouth is more sensitive remember to apply less whitening gel in your tray and keep them in your mouth for a shorter period of time.  You can also receive an in-office whitening where your teeth are polished with a grainy material to remove plaque on the surface.  Stains on teeth that have formed from fluorosis require that part of the tooth to be shaved off to add a resin composite material to add a whiter smile.  We would love to help you with the desired look you want! Call Advanced Dental Clinic today to set up your appointment.  

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