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Teeth Cleaning Service Idaho

Come get your teeth cleaned

We value preventative dental care.  Our dental hygienists are the best at teeth cleaning services in Preston Idaho.  They offer gentle and thorough teeth cleanings.  By coming in to your 6 month regular cleaning and exam you are eligible for free teeth whitening.  So make your appointment today.  Follow these guidelines below at home to maintain a healthy smile.  

  • Brush twice a day at a 45 degree angle for two minute increments.

  • Floss twice a day . 

  • Rinse with Flouride once a day.  

  • Wear a mouth guard during sporting events that could be destructive to your smile.  

  • Avoid sugar drinks and gums.

  • Avoid smoking and tobacco.  

  • Eating healthy foods can also help your oral hygiene.  

  • Wear a mouth guard that we can provide for you if you grind your teeth at night.  

  • Avoid using your teeth to open objects.  

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