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We Offer Dental Bridges at our Family Dental Clinic in Preston Idaho

Dental Bridges

Up to three missing teeth can have a series of fake teeth hooked onto neighboring teeth (abutment teeth) to assist with eating and cosmetics.  Dental bridges are a great option if dental implant services in Preston Idaho aren't an option.  Since options vary from patient to patient it's best to have an examination done to see what is recommended. 

Your appointment would be broken up into a couple of appointments.  The first appointment we would do an impression of the area where the bridge would be placed.  A follow up appointment would be made for the placement of the dental bridge.  To ensure a perfect fit and correct any issues with the bridge either being too tight or too loose more than one appointment may be necessary.  

We do amazing work at Advanced Dental Center in Preston Idaho so call us today to set up an appointment. 

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