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Welcome to Advanced Dental Center – A Family Dental Clinic in Idaho


Services Offered


Dental Crowns are made in our Family Dental Clinic the same day as your appointment.


Call with any of these symptoms include: severe toothache pain, sensitivity to hot/cold, swelling gums, etc.  


When you go to your teeth cleaning services every 6 months you get FREE whitening.  


Franklin County Medical Center is where we take patients who would rather be sedated than numbed for their dental experience.


We pride ourselves in our restorative dental services.  We have a gentle touch. 


Dr. Naylor is exceptional at removing wisdom teeth!  This can save you money instead of going into a specialist


At our family dental clinic we go the extra mile to help kids. 

Patient Reviews

"Thank you Dr. Hirschi for accurately diagnosing my sinus infection and prescribing a 3-Pack for me!  I sincerely appreciate you taking the extra time to check my symptoms and find out how to best treat my situation."



"My husbands face was all swollen on one side and was in a lot of pain...from a tooth... and I had a hard time finding an emergency dentist.  After Dr. Hirschi took the time to see my husband on his day off we got it all figured out. He is AMAZING!  Seriously thank you so much!"



"Dr. Naylor took out my wisdom teeth and it was a great experience.  The process was smooth and I was very comfortable."

Jayda Maw


Advanced Dental Center is the right place for your dental needs.  At our family dental clinic we have created an atmosphere where you will feel comfortable, understood, listened too, and leave more confident with your smile.

Dr. Ryan L. Hirschi

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Dr. Brett D. Naylor

Unlike most family dental clinics we perform all wisdom teeth removal services at Advanced Dental Center.  Dr. Naylor has more than 25 years experience with removing wisdom teeth right here in Preston Idaho.  Instead of going to a specialty clinic come to Advanced Dental Center and SAVE money.  


If you have a dental emergency we are always willing to help at our family dental clinic.  Tip: Call right when we open at 8 AM so we can find an opening for you.  Call our family dental clinic today.

FREE Whitening

We value preventative dental care.  We offer FREE teeth whitening gel for those who regularly visit our dental hygienists for a teeth cleaning service every 6 months. The whitening trays are not free and are $65. 

Restorative Dental Services

We want our patients to have confidence in a clean healthy smile.  If you do get a tooth ache our restorative dental services are the best in Idaho. 

Crown Removal Service

 We also do dental crown removal in Preston Idaho for those crowns that need to be redone.  Call our family dental clinic in Idaho today.  

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